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Cylia is a light, very comfortable little dress for children for spring and summer. It slips on like a t-shirt because of its elasticity (no buttonhole or zipper).
It has an elasticated waist and is fully lined. For the little coquetry, it also has a series of 3 flat pleats at the neckline, as well as a flat pleat at each shoulder.

Due to its design with stretch fabrics, the recommended level of sewing to achieve it is intermediate. But if you are a motivated beginner, you can also get there by following the video and the instructions in the manual, and by practicing on scraps of fabric if you have never sewn elastic materials before. :)


Find all the versions of the testers in the guest book.


You can also consult the FAQ to learn more about Kandix PDFs (receiving files, using layers, bookmarks, clickable links...) and how to print/assemble your pattern.


Very good sewing to all ♥


    • The pattern is in French and English and is available in all sizes from 2 to 12 years old (i.e. 11 sizes in all) SIZE GUIDE
    • The PDF pattern integrates the function of layers so that you can print only the desired size(s)
    • All seam allowances are included
    • Very detailed step-by-step videos are available to guide you every step of the way
    • The assembly instructions are in French and in English and include an index (bookmarks) to go directly to the desired step, as well as clickable links to find the passage that interests you in the videos (see FAQ for all the details)

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